Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
CMA0606D-G-B High-Precision Laser Cutting Machine

High-precision laser cutting equipment

Cutting the cellphone screen membrane in a fast and precise manner

Benefits at a glance:
1. Highly stable and friendly to users
2. Solid cast base ensures a high speed, extremely stable and precise cutting process.
3. Available with a choice of fiber and CO2 laser generator upon request
4. Camera positioning function is available upon request.
5. Ideally suited for cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials where the accuracy is rigorously demanded.

MC275-DLG-D Light Guide Plate Laser Dotting Machine

MC275-DLG-D laser dotting equipment for light guide plate

Vacuum table with marbles

Manual control is available.

The base can be lifted up and down, which ensures a high working efficiency.

Easy to operate and available with multiple options

The light guide plate, as seen in this picture, has been treated by our laser dotting machine. This machine operates with a well-known laser and 3D dynamic focusing system. Plus the aluminum or marble vacuum table and the adjustable base, it can deliver a high level of efficiency, accuracy and stability. This product has been widely used to produce light guide plates for LED light boxes and panel lights.

High-Precision Steel Plate Cutting Machine

High-speed fiber laser cutting machine

This machine is cutting one piece of steel plate.

Main advantages of the large format high-speed fiber laser cutting machine:
1. High rigidity heavy-duty machine tool design
2. Finite element analysis in structural mechanics
3. Configured with large gantry dual drives and German high-quality rack and pinion
4. The cutting machine performs stably at high speed and high power.
5. Adopts advanced technology to process all kinds of steel plates