Laser Engraving Machine
Laser Engraving Machine
CMA1309 Universal Laser Engraving Machine

Demonstration of the CMA1309 model

This enclosed equipment is working normally.

Continuously cutting the acrylic advertising board

Benefits at a glance:
1. High-precision cutting machine exclusively used for acrylic advertising boards
2. Laser machining platform with a dimension of 1300*900mm
3. Size of the acrylic plate: up to 1220*2440mm
4. Equipped with our in-house developed SmartCarve software and motion controller
5. Adopts high-speed interpolation algorithm to realize a fast and stable operation.
6. We implement a strict quality management system in production. All the stability, accuracy and speed of our equipment are on par with international standards.

CMA1390-K Laser Engraving Machine

CMA1390-K laser engraving equipment

Fully-enclosed protection

Rotary clamp cylinder

Main features of the laser engraving machine:
1. Continuous and fast cutting on curved surface
2. Adopts world-leading DSP control technology
3. Equipped with an automatic lifting system, exclusively designed for cutting and engraving thick materials
4. Rotary clamp cylinder is provided.
5. Shortest path optimization
6. Automatic attenuation compensation in the whole engraving process
7. Consistent cuts in all regions are guaranteed

MC350-DJ-A Jeans Laser Engraving Machine

The jeans laser engraving equipment is running now.

A fully-automatic working table is provided.

Camera positioning function is available.

Main advantages of the laser machine:
1. Ideally suited for the engraving, hollow-out and burn-out of jeans, leather, and other vclothing or footwear materials.
2. Uses the combined action of CO2 laser with radiofrequency
3. Its marking capacity is over 1.3 times as high as other similar machines at the same power.
4. Stable performance
5. Equipped with a fully-automatic working table and an efficient positioner, for the easy adjustment of various marking areas
6. Performs marking on the left and places materials on the right, which results in fewer costs and less labor fatigue
7. Safe and friendly to environment, thanks to the design of the protective cover
8. There is no need to clean with chemical agent, which ensures the safety of both operators and the environment.