Laser Marking Machine
Laser Marking Machine
MF20-E-D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

MF20-E-D fiber laser marking equipment

Double infrared light assisted focusing function

Electrical lifting device is used for the easy adjustment of the marking height.

Main characteristics of the laser marking machine:
1. Optimized machine frame
2. Marble platform available
3. Electrical lifting system for easy adjustment of the marking height
4. Double infrared light assisted fast focusing function for increased positioning accuracy and better stability
5. Available with a wide range of top-grade fiber lasers
6. Available with a choice of domestic or overseas Raylase digital galvanometer scanner
7. High-quality light source
8. Superior light spot
9. Uniform lighting power density
10. Stable power output
11. Able to mark all kinds of complicated patterns

MF20-L-A Eight-Workstation Light Bulb Laser Marking Machine

8-workstations laser marking machine for light bulbs

Eight workstations, fully automatic multi-dimensional rotation

We have designed our product with the OEM series pulsed fiber laser and high-speed digital galvanometer scanner. The product is compactly structured and runs precisely.

MC275-D-A Triaxial Dynamic Laser Marking Machine

MC275-D-A triaxial dynamic laser marking equipment

This equipment can be programmed to run fast and stably for a long period of time.

Hollow out leather

This product is equipped with outstanding-performance CO2 laser, optical reflector and world-leading triaxial dynamic marking system, which can ensure high light output stability. The MC series laser marking machine offers a wide application range. Typical applications are found in burn-out leather, hollow-out greeting cards as well as the engraving of bamboo and wood products.