We insist upon the implementation of the international equipment manufacturing standards, which enables us to provide a firm guarantee of the quality of all products. Our extensive range of electronic components is purchased from very reliable suppliers. In order to be a vendor for us they must comply with all international related standards. For the purpose of quality control, we carry out a full range of tests on all raw materials.The optical and electrical components are stored in our warehouse, where the temperature and humidity are kept constant throughout the year. This can ensure the quality of the main critical components when being stored or leaving our factory. In addition to this, we operate an up-to-date warehouse management system as well as a more than 30,000㎡ component and finished product warehouse. This can ensure the timely delivery of quality laser machines.

Quality management in the design and manufacturing phases is of paramount concern when it comes to Han’s Yueming Laser Group. This explains why our diverse range of laser machines is so popular among global customers. We run these lasers and laser power supplies through a continuous aging test. This helps us prevent unqualified components or products from entering into the market.

In order to ensure our laser equipment can meet design requirements as well as various on-site technical specifications, we employ a vast array of high-precision test instruments to perform the most stringent testing and calibration. This provides a strong guarantee on the quality of the assembled equipment.

The materials testing lab is staffed by more than 20 dedicated employees, all of whom are responsible for product quality control.

Machine frames and metal sheets are purchased from reliable suppliers. They are rigorously tested before being registered and warehoused. The measuring tools that our inspectors use include alloy rulers, calipers, tape measures, goniometers, etc.

Our staff is using a dial indicator to measure the flatness of the crossbeam.

The laser tube testing platform is working now. All our laser tubes must undergo a comprehensive range of tests. Main testing points include the output power, spot quality and stability, which can ensure the laser tubes meet industry-related standards.

We run all these laser tubes through an aging test. The critical parts of our equipment are subjected to 100% aging, and every piece is carefully selected.

Burn-in machine room for laser power supplies

Another critical element – laser power supply is required to continuously work for 8 hours at 60 degrees Celsius in a simulated extreme environment. Only qualified elements can be mounted on our equipment.

Metal sheets are orderly placed according to the model of the machine.

This warehouse covers an area of 2,800 square meters. It can accommodate a total of 400 sheet metal sets. When it comes to handling these large and heavy sheets, we utilize an electric stacker for decreased labor fatigue. Sheet metal sets are managed in a scientific and systemic manner, which helps to minimize the color difference and thereby ensures our machine has a beautiful exterior.

The 200-square-meters optics warehouse is engineered to store a large number of precision accessories.

In this warehouse, we carry out the real-time monitoring of both temperature and humidity. Precision optical materials stored in this warehouse include motors, resistors, capacitors, computers, field lens, optical reflectors, lasers, galvanometer scanners and so forth. Allowable temperature ranges from 10℃ to 35℃, and the humidity varies from 35% to 85%. An air conditioner is available for adjusting the temperature and humidity. Those small-sized precision optical materials are placed in a moisture-proof box. Each day our warehouse manager is bound to check the temperature and humidity, and all test results must be recorded.

Equipment assembly area

Equipment testing area

Large-format laser cutting machine production area

Finished products storage area

Our product portfolio includes: large format high-speed metal laser cutting machine, small-format precise cutting machine, airbag laser cutting machine, high-precision 3D laser cutting equipment, etc. We have achieved one invention patent and over 10 utility model patents. Some of the products have been SGS certified, and among them, the ultra-wide-format rack and pinion drive has been applied in the field of laser cutting airbags for the first time.

We use an optical autocollimator to regulate the positional accuracy of the linear guide. The straightness and flatness of the 4-meters-long linear guide is controlled within an error of ±0.03mm.

Gear rack is being tested by a dial indicator. This can ensure the parallelism and accuracy after installation has an error of ±0.01mm.

The laser interferometer is working.

Our laser interferometer can measure the accuracy of all drive shafts of a machine tool. Then we use software to input the test result into the machine tool which allows for the automatic compensation of the precision. The positioning accuracy after compensation can reach ±0.015mm.

The finished products warehouse occupies an area of 3,500 square meters. It has a storage capacity of 500 equipment sets. Every piece of equipment is marked with a unique serial number for ease of identifying. The information found on our machines includes: contract number, machine model, mainboard, laser tube brand, power and many others. This can provide much convenience for production management, financial accounting and after-sales service.

Products, as seen in this picture, will be shipped to New Delhi, India. The packaging of all accessories has been verified as safe by the R&D team and quality assurance department. Large machine tools are all packed with solid wood cases. We usually ship our goods from the Port of Shenzhen. Customers can also choose the port from which the cargos can be shipped.