R&D Capability
R&D Capability

At Han’s Yueming Laser Group, we have established and fully trained a team of R&D elites who are very knowledgeable in a diverse range of laser machine research, development and manufacturing techniques as well as industrial laser applications. Our laser technology and electronic control technology research institute is set up in Guangdong and Shanghai, which provided a very strong technical foundation. We continue to provide large manufacturing companies worldwide with highly-intelligent, flexible laser modules and laser solutions. For the past 16 years, our company has earned 149 invention patents and utility model patents. With these types of accomplishments, you know we are a provider you can trust! All products have been certified to internationally recognized standards, including but not limited to CE, SGS and TUV. All this drives us to one conclusion, our core competence in the global laser equipment manufacturing field is significant!

R&D office

Our skilled and knowledgeable R&D team comprises 6 optics experts, 33 researchers and 86 engineers. In Dongguan and Shanghai, we have set up institutes of laser application and electronic control technology. Furthermore, we have built strong, mutually beneficial relationships with many famous organizations, including the South China University of Technology, and Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics.

Demonstrated here are our highly precise measurement instruments.

This room is equipped with more than 20 test facilities for the development of new products. The optical device, as seen in this picture, can measure the cutting accuracy and examine the cut effect. Our oscilloscope is able to detect the laser output waveform, which allows us to achieve the purpose of precise control.

Our smart machine production base is focused on researching and developing the intelligent robots for laser processing equipment. It serves large manufacturing companies with highly-intelligent laser processing and flexible manufacturing solutions.

The R&D base has realized a perfect connection between China’s first robotic CNC system and robotic visual identity system. These two subsystems can accomplish the data exchange, data conversion and data fusion with ease.

Our R&D department is discussing how to upgrade the function of the 5-axis laser machine. Currently our company has received 149 invention patents and utility model patents.

The 5-axis laser machine is working on the surface of a sphere. By working with a high-performance CNC system and a reliable clamp, it can create a high-precision and aesthetically pleasing shape. This ensures our workpieces are of consistent quality.